School Policies


As policies relating to the curriculum are regularly reviewed, they are not published on this website. These may be viewed at the school.

Homework Policy

This policy outlines how at home activities will be incorporated into education programs at Holy Rosary Primary School. It provides a rationale for home activities as well as the processes and procedures for participating in these tasks.  This policy recognizes the importance to children’s learning of positive partnerships between school and families.

Homework Policy

School Uniform

The school uniform is a sign of our identity. It is worn every day. Children must be in full uniform at all times. New and second-hand uniforms may be purchased from the school uniform shop. Opening times for the Uniform Shop are:

Monday 8.30 - 9.15am
Thursday 8.30am - 9.15am

Note: The Uniform Shop does not open on public holidays or pupil free days.

Order forms are available below, from the school office or the uniform shop.

Order Form

Uniform Policy

Where full uniform cannot be worn for any reason, a note from the parent is required.



  • School dress
  • School Socks -white with black stripe
  • Black school shoes (Lace up or Mary Jane)
  • Maroon school jumper with crest
  • Black hair ties and thin headbands
  • White banded blouse
  • Tartan pleated skirt
  • Maroon school jumper with crest
  • Tartan tie - loop or necktie
  • Black stockings or school white with black stripe
  • Black school shoes (Lace up or Mary Jane)
  • Black hair ties and thin headbands




  • White shirt with logo -worn tucked into school shorts
  • Grey flat fronted button shorts
  • Maroon school jumper with crest
  • Grey school socks
  • Black shoes
  • White shirt with logo - worn tucked into school shorts
  • Grey trousers or summer shorts
  • Maroon school jumper with crest
  • Tartan tie - loop or necktie
  • Grey school socks
  • Black school shoes



  • White school polo top
  • Black school shorts
  • Black school track top
  • Black school track pants
  • Coloured faction shirt – school nominated
  • Socks – white with black stripes
  • White runners (Small amount of coloured marking only permitted, No large branding)
  • Black hair ties


  • Maroon school hat with crest
  • Maroon library bag with crest
  • Holy Rosary School Bag
  • Desk mat with crest
  • Kindy & Pre Primary bags
  • Kindy pillows


  • Kindy & Pre Primary shirts
  • Art smocks (required from Year 1)
  • Hair accessories


  • Children's hair should not restrict their vision while working and this applies to both girls and boys.
  • Hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied back in the interest of safety and hygiene.


  • Students may wear a watch and a religious chain around the neck.
  • Students may wear plain studs or sleeper earrings. Only one in each ear.


  • School hats are to be worn by all children throughout the year. The school operates a 'no school hat – no play' policy. School hats are also available from the school office.



All children are expected to be well behaved and courteous to other students, staff and visitors at all times. The following outlines behavioural expectations at Holy Rosary:

Code of Friendship

  1. We try to be fair with everyone.
  2. We try to be happy and friendly to people.
  3. We care about other people's thoughts and feelings.
  4. We always try to listen well when someone is talking to us.
  5. We try to be responsible and do the right thing by our friends.
  6. We try to talk and get to know lots of different people.
  7. We always stick by our friends even if others are mean to them.
  8. If we accidentally hurt someone's feelings we say sorry.
  9. We try to help make other people feel good about themselves.
  10. We try to be honest and keep our promises.

Each class develops a set of simple rules appropriate to the children at their particular level. Consistent inappropriate behaviour may result in lunchtime or after school detention, at the discretion of the Assistant Principal responsible for discipline, in conjunction with the Principal.


Bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour which is usually hurtful and deliberate: it is often persistent, sometimes continuing for weeks, months or even years and it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.' (Sharp & Smith 1994)

Bullying will not be tolerated at Holy Rosary and will be dealt with quickly and firmly. All children are taught about the effects of bullying and methods of dealing with it.

The Leadership Team can only deal with issues of which they are aware. It is essential that all incidents of perceived bullying are reported to the Principal so that these may be investigated.


How to deal with a dispute or complaint at Holy Rosary School

Please download this document, a link to CEOWA is provided within this docuemnt for further reference

Dispute or Complaint

Child Protection Policy

Download the Holy Rosary School Child Protection Policy here