Class Representatives

Class Representatives play a vital role at Holy Rosary by supporting the class teacher; building a sense of community; and facilitating communication between the P&F and parents.
Each class has at least one Class Representative, but many have two or three to share the load.
Any parent or primary carer can be a class representative - please consider volunteering for this important role within our school. Parents find it a rewarding experience - getting to know parents in their child’s class and helping new families to feel welcome.


  1. Maintain a class contact list.
  2. Support the class teacher and assist with communications to the parents.
  3. Contact the parents of new children in the class. Offer to introduce them to other parents of children in the class. Help them to feel welcome to the school community.
  4. Arrange a social get together for parents of children in the class. This could take the form of morning tea, picnic, dinner etc.
  5. If the representative becomes aware of a family in special need, to offer some pastoral care either through the parent network or by informing the school.
  6. Promoting the activities of the P&F and inviting new families to get involved. Forward communications from the P&F in a timely manner and attend (or take turns attending) P&F meetings.
  7. Confer with the Class Representative of the other class to coordinate activities.


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