Playground Improvement

The Holy Rosary P&F has a tradition of supporting playground improvement at the school through fundraising; initiating and running projects; and hands-on parent volunteer work.

Playground Projects

2016 – Upper Playground
The P&F has been reserving funds for the past few years to improve the upper playground. Ideas and concepts for the area are underway.
2015 – Kindy Nature Playground
The Kindy Nature Playground was created through an incredible community effort by parents and staff. The project involved over 600 hours of volunteer work and 150 hours of planning and preparation for 12 Working Bees, with 65 parents getting involved. It took one year to complete.
The combined talents and efforts of the community have created a very special place in which Holy Rosary children can play, discover and be close to nature.
We were very fortunate to receive generous donations and discounts on materials from parents and friends of the school.


Kindy Playground Before
Kindy Playground After
Bus Log
Climbing Logs
Music Wall
Seating Area
Texture Area


2014 – Resurfaced netball courts
The P&F paid for the netball courts to be resurfaced, providing a safer and more enjoyable sporting environment.

Year 2009 - Veritas Garden
The Veritas Garden is a quiet reflective space where students grow vegetables, play outdoor chess, and play quietly. This project was under taken by the staff and parents of the school.

2005 – Dominican Playground
Holy Rosary parents undertook this major project to create the level Dominican Playground, which previously sloped steeply down to Angelico Street. Prior to this, there was no level play area at the school on which the children could run or kick a ball. Parents and companies donated financially to the project and the major earthworks was managed by parents of the school.