Education of Children With Special Needs – Siena Centre

We recognise the uniqueness and innate dignity of each individual, and our responsibilities to those children in need of Special Education and support within the Catholic community.

The Siena Centre provides a Special Education Program, which strives to meet individual needs in Academic, Social/Emotional, Behavioural and Self Care Areas. Some students are withdrawn for individual teaching and skill building in key academic areas with support provided so that they may also access maximum participation in the mainstream setting. A number of students are supported entirely within the mainstream setting.

Currently the Siena staff support 33 children enrolled at Holy Rosary. Two full time and two part time teachers as well as 11 full/part time Educational Assistants staff the Siena Centre, which caters for a wide range of physical and intellectual disabilities.

All children are on individual programs based on needs and mapped to Student Outcomes Statements. Individual Education Plans (IEP) are produced after consultation between parents, Siena teacher, mainstream teachers, relevant therapists and the Catholic Education Consultant. The children participate in all regular school activities such as Sacramental Programmes, camps, specialist curriculum areas, excursions and sporting events.

The enrolment of children to the special education centre is the same process as for all enrolments. As all children are enrolled into the regular class, a position must be available there before consideration of enrolment to the Siena Centre is made.

The Siena Centre staff work closely with therapists and specialists from Therapy Focus, Cerebral Palsy Association, Disability Services Commission, Autism Association, Princess Margaret Hospital and others as particular needs arise.

Siblings of Siena children are also considered and there are events held throughout the year to celebrate their siblings abilities and talents generally in a social setting.