Educational Support

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Holy Rosary has a Special Needs Centre, catering for children with a range of disabilities. Each child is catered for with an individualised programme and meetings are held twice per year with centre staff, teachers and parents attending to determine the educational needs and goals for the child. The Siena Centre provides a range of services and educational opportunities for these children. The children are integrated into mainstream classes for subjects other than English and Mathematics which is catered for within the centre environment.

Literacy Support

A specialist teacher conducts the Reading Recovery programme for Year 2 students. Children in Year 2 who have not attained the required level in reading from Year 1 may be selected for this programme. The teacher also assists classroom teachers with either in-class support or small groups of students are taken out for additional help.

EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding)

EMU is an intervention programme that is designed to Extend Mathematical Understandings for children who are not gaining as much as they need from the normal classroom programme. It is a comprehensive and strategic approach to mathematics learning for students in the early years of schooling.

Holy Rosary SchoolChildren in Year 2 participate in an Early Numeracy Interview. This interview provides information about the children's understandings, stages of mathematical development and mathematical thinking in the areas of Counting, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication. From the results, a small group of children are selected to participate in the programme.