Holy Rosary Vision for ICT Literacy

Holy Rosary School endeavours to provide students with the skills, tools and mindsets to achieve success in a rapidly changing technological and information rich world.

We know that the futures of our students will be characterised by rapid change, globalisation and massive disruption and for this reason we seek to grow students that are thoughtful, balanced and mindful users of technology.

We seek not to provide mindless screen time but to develop responsible digital citizens who are able to interact collaboratively as members of the connected global community. 

Our Vision and Rationale can be read in full in this document

HRS Vision for Literacy












 Articles of Interest

#1 Some salient words from Professor Celia Hammond, Vice Chancellor, Notre Dame Australia  on technology, pace of life and the importance of keeping a balance InPrincipio_March-2016_Vol-28.pdf
#2 Technology gives children the ability to learn in ways their parents and grandparents never had. This article explores the Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom http://goo.gl/wIqgKd
#3 Key ideas from the literature on the effective use of iPads – Institute of Education University of London 2013 https://goo.gl/J9uDIR
#4 Learning to turn off in a tech-heavy world, some timely reminders for students in the holidays  http://goo.gl/RLVSM6
5 An article from a classroom teacher that looks at the educational benefits of blogging http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2013/03/08/the-benefits-of-educational-blogging/
#6 School community were infomed about the classes unlisted blogs

#7 This article was published for educators however will give parents a glimpse into the challenges teachers face as they provide learning experiences for students in the 21st Century. "Revitalising our methods for teaching effectively with technology http://goo.gl/Obe6qd
#8 Created by the NSW Education department this video "Redesigning Learning and Teaching: A Case for Change" illustrates why education reform is so important. https://youtu.be/9eh1QSw_Ijw
#9 Five great tips for using technology well, sadly written to show the digital divide between the haves and have nots. Our education system should strive to overcome these differences. https://goo.gl/e8PqZj
#10 Two educators put the research to the test. When (and how) are iPads most effective? http://goo.gl/7n3JXE
#11 If we can teach people from a young age to understand what is right or wrong, they may be better equipped to deal with confronting situations when they occur. http://goo.gl/xTKoLm

#12 When you say “screentime……”


#13Pokémon Go Parents guide: What you and your child need to know!


#14 "Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future"


#15 The WA Curriculum https://goo.gl/7zyngW

Leading Lights a CEWA initiative the vision https://goo.gl/uyWZYh

#16 Contemporary Learning Spaces 21st Learning